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ReDo Day is a program that is brought to schools by the Violence Free Coalition of Warren County (Ohio).

About ReDo:

ReDo Day began in 2009 with 98 student participating from Lebanon High School. This past school year (2013-2014), ReDo was held in 13 schools, with 2,705 student participating. A total of 513 adult volunteers helped in facilitating the program. 99.37% of the student responded that they would recommend ReDo Day to other students.

ReDo is committed to creating school environments that encourage respect. We believe that respect is an action. When students participate in ReDo Day they will be asked to commit to:

  • Respecting their peers
  • Engaging the people around them and learning their stories
  • Defending anyone they see being bullied
  • Overcoming stereotypes

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About the Violence Free Coalition

The Violence Free Coalition (VFC) of Warren County is a recognized leader in violence prevention, committed to crating a culture of non-violence. The VFC promotes primary prevention of violence through education, building community resources, system change and public awareness. Our mission is to create a social climate that holds domestic, youth, intimate partner and sexual violence as unacceptable and preventable.

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Deona Bethart

Deona Bethart

Violence Prevention Educator

Deona Bethart is the Violence Free Coalitions current liason and coordinator for ReDo. She began as a speaker and presenter for ReDo and knows first-hand what an impact it has on every person involved. If you have questions about the ReDo Day program or if you’d like to request more information, please contact Deona:

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