Educators are Raving about ReDo

ReDo Day makes a difference! Read below to see the positive effect the program has had for schools and their students.

ReDo Day at Lebanon High School has made a drastic change in our school culture. Without a doubt it has helped create an atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance. What a great sight for adults from the community as well as teachers, seeing kids of all walks of life coming together to share their stories.

Scott Butler

Principal, Lebanon High School

I have found a significant change in the way students treat each other after going through the ReDo Day experience. It is well worth the time and effort to get as many kids though the program as possible. ReDo Day provides an opportunity for our students to understand the hidden burdens that many of our students bring with them to school every day.

Erica Kramer

Principal, Little Miami High School

ReDo Day has been the most memorable, significant program I’ve been involved in within the 28 years I’ve been in education.

Molly Wray

Health Educator, Springboro High School

ReDo Day shows students that others may be going through tough times, too. Students learn how forgiveness helps their hearts. Students learn that showing each other respect in the hallways is important. ReDo saves lives! It shows students that they matter!

Syndra Snelling

Guidance Counselor, Lebanon High School

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