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ReDo is a program that helps students make a commitment to Respect•Engage•Defend•Overcome. Some of the most common questions and their answers are listed below.

What is ReDo Day?

ReDo Day is a powerful, high-energy program in which student and adult participants are guided through a series of experiential learning processes.

What grades is ReDo designed for?

Currently, we have a program designed for junior high school students* (7th and 8th grade) and one designed for high school students (9th-12th grade). The goals and overall message of the programs are the same, however, the talks and structure of the day differ so that the material is presented in a way that is age appropriate. The programs are different enough that if a student attended our junior high program, they would still find the high school program to be a new and beneficial experience.

*NOTE: for the junior high program, the male and females students are separated so there would be two separate events.

What does ReDo accomplish?

The program is designed to unite members of the school and community to carry forth the message of respect and caring for all. ReDo helps students (and even adult volunteers) develop a sense of just how similar we all are as human beings, as opposed to how different we are. The overall goals of the ReDo program are:

  • To embrace diversity
  • To increase personal power and self-acceptance
  • To shift negative peer pressure to positive peer support
  • To eliminate the acceptability of bullying behavior (mistreatment of others, violence and all forms of oppression)

How does ReDo present its message?

Through a series of storytelling, small group sharing sessions and large group participatory activities. Three presenters will come and lead the event, sharing their own stories and facilitating the day.

Does ReDo have a lasting effect?

At the end of ReDo Day, the students are asked to develop a Take Action Plan to help them move forward with positive behaviors that both give and get respect. Once a school has hosted a ReDo Day, the VFC will make resources available to assist the school in encouraging the positive message moving forward.

How many students can attend a ReDo event?

The maximum number of students per event is 200, with a recommendation of having between 115 and 145 per event. The minimum number of students is 80 per event. ReDo works best when the small groups are around 4-5 students per group with 1 adult volunteer per group.

Where would I hold the ReDo event?

Most schools choose to hold the event in their gymnasium. The venue needs to be an open space that can comfortably fit all the students and the adult volunteers. Each student and adult volunteer will need to have their own chair and there should be enough room in the venue for all of the chairs to be lines up in a large rectangle for full-group activities.

How much will it cost to bring ReDo to my school(s)?

The final cost of a ReDo event is determined by the total number of events and the number of students that will attend them. Our Education Specialist will go over the financial aspects of ReDo at your initial informational meeting, once an assessment of your school can be made. We are well aware that finances are a major concern for educational institutions. We have several solutions that we will present to you that may help you fund your ReDo event.

ReDo sounds like a great program and I’d like to know more about it. What are the next steps?

We’re thrilled you’re interested in hosting a ReDo Day! The next step would be to schedule a meeting with our Education Specialist, Deona Bethart. She will be happy to meet with you and explain the process of bringing ReDo to your school(s) and to further address any questions that you may have. Please use the Contact Us page to schedule your initial meeting by email, or call Deona at 513.550.3461.




Educators, Guidance Counselors and School Administrators have a lot to say about ReDo. Read their testimonials and see how ReDo Day gets results.

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For more details about ReDo Day and what it entails, please watch our short informational video.

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