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Currently we have programs for Junior High and High School students


ReDo Day seeks to help students and adults alike that respect is an action. For positive change to occur in the school community, each person must make the choice to build others up instead of tearing others down. Each program addresses different issues based on the issues faced by that particular school grade. Both programs enforce the idea that we need to understand other people’s stories and focus on what we have in common instead of what divides us. Students learn that nobody has a perfect life, everyone has struggles and through this discovery they build a vision of compassion and empathy.

Junior High Program

The junior high program brings the message of respect by helping students understand more about themselves, how they present themselves, how their home life influences how they communicate, what it looks like to be authentic and how important friends are in helping you be your best self. This program is made up of 5 talks, games, and several small group sharing times. It also invites students to tell their stories in a safe and controlled environment.

High School Program

The high school program takes the message a step further. Students learn how easy it is to stereotype someone based only on outward appearance and how deceiving that can be. They also have the chance to explore negative emotions and learn skills for coping with them instead of paying hurt and anger forward. This program also includes talks on how to be authentic and a time of sharing their story in a safe and controlled environment. At the end of this program, students (and adults) are more aware of each others stories and that their words and actions can either help or hurt the people around them. This program also includes games and small group sharing times.


Educators, Guidance Counselors and School Administrators have a lot to say about ReDo. Read their testimonials and see how ReDo Day gets results.

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