Bullying happens on school campuses every day.

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Help your school community commit to respect and understanding;
building each other up and not tearing each other down.

Commit to Respect • Engage • Defend • Overcome

ReDo is a program for kids in high school, junior high, and elementary school designed to help kids look beyond stereotypes, build respect, and put an end to bullying

Our Message

Get an overview of our process and how we help students better understand themselves and their peers.


Read what students, adult volunteers and student administrators have to say about our program.

Our Theme

See our “I am more…” Campaign here


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I am More…

Our focus is to help students understand that a person is more than what is seen on the outside. Everyone has challenges in life; everyone has difficult circumstances. What a person looks like or how they are perceived is far less important than who they are.

To support this message, we have created our first ever promotional campaign. Each school will receive these posters to help remind them of the ReDo message and they will be invited to share the “I am More” video on their social media pages and during their school announcements.

This wonderful campaign features real students telling real stories. We believe that everyone has a story. To share your “I am More” story, please visit us on Facebook and share on our Wall, or submit on Twitter using the hashtag #cmy90percent.

To see the full campaign, please click here.

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